Alongside various processing techniques, special joining techniques are applied for production of composite products made of technical ceramic and metal. The requisite metal-working processes and assembly activities are carried out in-house. Ceratec produce both small and larger series. Throughout the production process, quality control is carried out in our advanced test room.

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The Ceratec production facilities are specialised for machining of technical ceramics and special kinds of corrosion resistant steel.


Production capabilities:

  • Green stage shaping and sintering
  • OD grinding, max 500mm, max length 1500mm
  • Honing min 0.6 mm inner diameter
  • Flat and profile grinding
  • Centreless grinding min 1mm, max 60mm (tolerance 2 microns)
  • Lapping with surface roughness of Ra 0.01 um
  • Co├Ârdinate grinding
  • Drilling of small holes, min 0,3 mm
  • 4-axis CNC grinding
  • CNC OD grinding
  • CNC turning and milling
  • Brazing of ceramics and corrosion resistant steel.
  • TIG welding of CR- steels
  • Assembly of metal ceramic components



To make sure our high working standard is maintained, we use several measuring devices:

  • CNC 3d coordinate measuring machine Mitotoyo Crysta.
  • Mitotoyo altimeter.
  • Mitotoyo roundness.
  • Mahr Perthometer C1.
  • Production and quality control are equally climatised.

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