Ceratec develops and manufactures bearings made of technical ceramics for customer-specific applications.
Starting with problem analysis and generation of ideas, Ceratec carries out projects in which cost-efficiency is of paramount importance. Ceratec produces prototypes, small and larger series of custom made products in-house.


Ceratec Ceramic Bearing supplies her bearing all over the world. We supply to large pump manufactures such as ITT and Flowserve.



Ceramic silicon carbide, silicon nitride, zirconia.

Metal; common are 1.4571, 1.4462, Hastelloy, titanium Gr.2, other metals are possible to.


Ball bearings

Full ceramic and as hybrid. For higher temperaturesand corrosive surroundings, lubrication is less critical.

Please click here for more information about ball bearings.


Sliding bearings


  • fluid pumps
  • mixing applications
  • radial bearings
  • radial-axial, single/double
  • in impellor, screw, plunger and gear pumps


  • can be used from -40 up to 350 ¢ªC, specials possible to
  • operating under high loads and velocities
  • media lubricated systems
  • assembled in a metal-ceramic cartridge system
  • compact construction, ready for mounting
  • wear and corrosion resistant
  • extended maintenance intervals
  • axial-radial available with shaft diameters 10 up to 55 mm
  • radial bearings shaft diameter up to 275 mm

Depending of the application Ceratec can supply different bearing systems. Please click here for an overview.

More Technical information;

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Next to bearings we supply:

wear rings in pump housing

  • special seals
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